Small Enterprise Development Agency

The eGoliBIO Incubator Trust was established in March 2002, and was the result of a joint initiative between the CSIR Bio/Chentek, AfricaBIO, and The Innovation Hub. Funding was thus supplied by the Godisa Trust, now SEDA Technology Programme. The Small Enterprise Development Agency has since been a key stakeholder of the eGoliBIO Incubator Trust and serves as a support to its incubates.

Department of Trade and Industry

Under the dti umbrella eGoliBIO works closely with the cosmetic desk of the dti as well as their EMIA Export Programmes for more than 20 years now, assisting the incubator with both local and international marketing platforms and linkages for the eGoliBIO Life Science Incubator client base.

Technology Innovation Agency

The partnership between TIA and eGoliBIO as established in the year 2010. The Technology Innovation Agency have been assisting the incubator’s clients with technology support grants for the refinement of their products up to the proof of concept stage.

City of Tshwane

The City of Tshwane has embarked on a township revival programme an eGoliBIO has been working closely with the City, agricultural department with support and development of cooperatives and SMME’s around the Tshwane regions.

Department of Science and Technology

eGoliBIO is a member of the DST IKS and is in a relationship with them in biotechnology policy guidelines.

BIO Park

BIOPARK is a joint partnership between The Innovation Hub and eGoliBIO, which was founded by the two entities through the ISP fund for the development of a biotechnology business hub. The purpose being to develop an enabling environment for both office and production space that is compliant.


Our affiliation with CECOSA is to ensure that we our clients are afforded guidance and relevant training pertaining to their cosmetic needs and legislative compliance.


Through the partnership of CTFA and eGoliBIO, SMME’s are granted the relevant cosmetic toiletry and fragrance trainings by the CTFA.


A formal relationship has been established by eGoliBIO with NIPMO in the year 2016. This relationship is a result of a growing need for national intellectual property management of the eGoliBIO SMME’s and for the eGoliBIO Incubator to become one of NIPMO’s resourse centres that assists SMME’s in the IP Knowledge support.

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